Mack MP8 Engine

Mack MP8 Engine

The Mack MP8 engine is a heavy-duty diesel engine manufactured by Mack Trucks. It is a 13-liter engine that is commonly used in Mack Trucks' line of heavy-duty vehicles. Here are some specifications and a brief history of the Mack MP8 engine:


- Displacement: 13.0 liters
- Configuration: Inline 6-cylinder
- Horsepower: Ranges from 415 to 505 horsepower
- Torque: Ranges from 1,460 to 1,860 lb-ft
- Emissions Compliance: EPA 2017 and GHG 17 compliant

Key Features:

- Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT): Provides improved performance and fuel efficiency by adjusting the turbocharger's geometry according to engine speed and load.
- Common Rail Fuel Injection System: Delivers precise and efficient fuel injection for optimal combustion and reduced emissions.
- Wave Piston Design: Enhances fuel combustion and lowers emissions by creating a more efficient air/fuel mixture within the combustion chamber.


The Mack MP8 engine was introduced in 2006 as part of Mack Trucks' new engine platform, which aimed to provide better fuel efficiency, power, and reliability. It replaced the Mack E7 engine and marked a significant advancement in technology for Mack Trucks.

Over the years, the MP8 engine has undergone several updates and improvements to meet changing emissions regulations and customer demands. These updates have included enhancements to fuel injection systems, turbocharging, and overall engine performance.

Today, the Mack MP8 engine continues to be a popular choice for heavy-duty truck applications, offering a balance of power, efficiency, and durability.

The MP®8 engine is a legend on roads everywhere. With plenty of horsepower and torque across a wide operating range, the MP®8 delivers the muscle to shoulder heavy-duty vocational and highway workloads.

Prepare your trucks to run cleaner than ever before with the MP series engines.

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